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David is a senior developper at Liip SA, specializing in Symfony2. He happens to also be a certified Scrum Master and sometimes enjoys doing the scrum master or product owner role for a project.

Liip is doing custom web development with PHP in Switzerland.

Drupal is awesome - if you are an end user!

Powerful admin interface

Drupal is awesome - if you are a sales guy!

Well known brand

Drupal sucks if you are a developer!

Drupal is CMS first, dev framework second

This is a legitimate prioritization for their users

Drupal developer nightmares ..

Note the Drupal guys agree and are actually collaborating with Symfony2 to improve

Do we also suffer from NIH?

CMF = Content Management Framework

The Symfony CMF project makes it easier for developers to add CMS functionality to applications built with the Symfony2 PHP framework. Key development principles for the provided set of bundles are scalability, usability, documentation and testing

Welcome to the real world

At Quiet Storm Solutions, a UK based B2B marketing specialists, we are successfully utilizing the CMF and Jackalope Doctrine-Dbal to drive our newly launched Saas CRM service.
Pete Sisson

Interest is huge!

Play with it today!

CMF sandbox online demo

Get the CMF sandbox on github

Symfony2 CMF Project

Overview of the components

An overview with lots of pictures.

Content management framework,
not content management system

Content Management means user controlled:

Symfony2 Control Flow


Symfony2 Control Flow

CMF additions

At a glance


Content Bundle

Menu Bundle

Block: Sonata PHPCR ODM BlockBundle

Frontend Editing: Create.js

Backend: Sonata PHPCR ODM AdminBundle

PHPCR and the ODM

Other related Bundles

Some words on storage

Doctrine PHPCR ODM

PHP Content Repository + Doctrine ODM

PHPCR (aka PHP-ified JCR specification)

Like MongoDB or CouchDB ODM but different

PHPCR provides a standardized API that can be used by any PHP content management system to interface with any content repository.

PHPCR has been submitted to the JCR spec at the request of David Nüschler, JCR spec lead

Not all data fits well in PHPCR/JCR

Github projects


Next steps as of november 2012

Constantly moving... The best entry point to see what is going on right now is the CMF Roadmap

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